A Little About Me

Success Guide, Development Mentor & Profile Builder for Coaches

That’s my ‘official’ title. Really I’m just a country girl and wildlife carer, who likes to hermit on my lifestyle property with my 4 kangaroos, 4 beautiful horses, bunnies, birds and the nature that surrounds us.

When I need to, I’ll ignite my brilliance, step into the spotlight and become that luminous success guide, development mentor and profile builder for coaches. It takes a bit of work and I have to step into my Queen Bee and Goddess costumes but I love it!

With my signature program Step into the Spotlight, I specialise in inspiring Coaches, Authors and Heart Centered Experts to Be Seen and Heard by helping them to boost their profiles and increase their influence, resulting in their magnetic attraction for more leads, more clients and more sales!

I am very certain that everyone has magic within them and the ability to shine, which is why I created my international selling Inspirational book for women, ‘Extraordinary YOU ~ The art of living a lusciously spirited, vibrant life’, of which world renown thought leader Dr John Demartini said “ … is filled with gems of inner wisdom and inspiring stories that will expand your mind, and help you truly live a more vibrant, authentic and extraordinary life.

That’s the short bit about me. If you want some more, read on …… 

I’m pretty good at work life balance. No  9 – 5 for me. With my former husband, I able to create a multi-million dollar business from humble beginnings while only working 3 days a week! And he only worked one week a month!  –  It was easy!! vanessa with rabbits smaller

I live a life of wonderful exuberant abundance – an abundance of Love, Time, Money, Freedom, Fun and Passion – I am blessed to have as my ‘reality’ a wonderful life on a country property with my beautiful daughter, my other ‘kids’ (four gorgeous ponies), and the wildlife and share this land with us. I’m really into Living Extraordinarily. That’s expanding experience and living the life you truly desire by discovering the magic in the everyday, the ordinary in the extraordinary.

I am a Certified Life and Performance Coach, NLP Practitioner, Matrix Therapist, Author, Presenter, Motivational Speaker AND, to add extra zing to the credentials, an mentioned an Australian Wildlife Carer.  So I can do magic things with you. I’m also really good at words. They bounce from my head. I think that comes from being a relative of Sir Noel Coward. (The British Oscar winning playwright, director and actor in case you’re to young to have heard of him. He was my grandfather’s cousin.)

I believe in success on your own terms … and knows it is within everyone’s essence to achieve it with ease. That’s the message I teach via my coaching practice, Extraordinary Beings – Personal Success Creation, an inspirational and transformational coaching service designed to empower people to discover their own unique version of success … and then create and live it! With my Writers Success Creation, I provide a proactive service for guiding and energising Inspirational, Motivational, Self-help and Spiritual authors to write their book, have it published and build an audience to ensure the book sells.

Want a bit more. A few more of the juicier stuff???  

OK. Here’s 5 things you won’t know about me:

1. In my early twenties I stole a car in New York and drove it down the Florida. It was an honest mistake, and thankfully though  the car was reported stolen, I was never charged.

2. I lived on a mining camp filled mostly with men for two years out in outback Western Australia. It was lots of fun. I learned lots of things I didn’t know about – like why the mining team liked their trips to Indonesia so much, strippers, skimpy barmaids, and a street called Hay Street. This was Kalgoorlie after all. Thankfully I retained my elegance and class throughout the whole experience. But that place is eye opening for princesses like me. 

3. I believe in past lives. I know 4 of my own past lives in detail. I can help others discover their own past life. 

4. All my animals come into my house. It’s full of rabbits, birds, cats, kangaroos, and yes, even the ponies can come inside if they ask to. It’s beautiful happy chaos. 

5. I’m shy. Really shy. So if you are too, let that be inspiration for you that you can  Step into the Spotlight and shine too. 

Vanessa can be contacted here or

Email  vanessa@extraordinarybeings.com

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