High Profile Q & A: How to Create a Best Seller with Best Seller Creator Peggy McColl


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In this interview with Peggy, I learned how many books you have to sell in a week to become a NY Times best selling author – a lot more than an Amazon best seller!

I also realised the BIG mistake I made with my book 5 years ago that stopped it from being named a best selller when technically it sold many more than lots of “best sellers”. Ouch!

Peggy also shared how the old ways of doing best seller campaigns are no longer working and it’s now all about PROFILE PROFILE PROFILE to sell books. Of course!! That’s why I do what I do- build the profiles of coaches and change makers. Make sure you check out the Step into the Spotlight group profile building program which begins Feb 27th!! http://stepintothespotlight.com.au/spotlightprogram/

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If you love the loads of value Peggy gave, visit her website at www.peggymccoll.com.
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