June’s Melbourne Networking Event

Using Joy to Create the Confidence to Become Visible and Irresistible in Business with Joy Coach, Andrea Dix

The Spotlighters’ Meetup networking group is all about taking the boring out of networking and having FUN. Each monthly event will be something different, sometimes unusual, and they are all about stepping out of our comfort zones and embracing adventure in all forms.

When: June 19, 2017                             Time to Start: 10:00AM                            Where: Fairfield Boathouse, Fairfield Park Drive, Fairfield VIC

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Andrea Dix is Your Joy Coach. She is an accomplished speaker, coach and author, and has helped countless people live healthier, happier and greater lives, by reconnecting to their true state of joy. Andrea uses her expertise in the health and fitness industry, and
her mantra of Joy is an Inside Job, to demonstrate the link between how we feel about ourselves, and the life that we create as a result.

Andrea truly believes that when you come from a place of Joy in life, magic happens. It influences the way you behave, respond, play and work, and transforms the world you live in. She teaches that by investing in, and amplifying your own happiness currency,
personal and professional success follows.

With her encouraging, relatable and energetic nature, Andrea uses her own story of transformation to demonstrate the power and success of living from a place of Joy.

**Bring a Gold Coin Donation for Noah’s Ark (Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy).